Urhobo Progressive Association was founded in March 1982
by a group of mainly Urhobo student who came to the United States for further
studies.  Far from home, these students
soon found themselves, hung out together and eventually formed Urhobo
Progressive Association.

The association grew steadily as ties among the membership
became stronger. Meetings were held at individual members residence on
rotational basis but that changed to bigger venue like small hotel halls and
stand-alone halls as the membership number grew.

Twenty-one (21) years after it was formed, precisely, on
September 13, 2003, UPA held a Consultative Forum to discuss and brainstorm on
building “An Urhobo Cultural or Community Center.  One key component discussed at the forum was
how to raise funds to build the cultural or community center.

In 2004, UPA organized a Banquet and Fund-Raising Event
geared towards raising funds for the Urhobo Center.  After that event, fund raising because an important
feature at UPA quinquennial Anniversary Celebrations; in 2007 (25th
Anniversary), 2012 (30th Anniversary and the subsequent
anniversaries that followed.

In 2014, UPA acquired a 1.3 acres piece of land of land
which came along with a 24’ by 40’ Modular Structure.  The modular structure (Urhobo House) which has
approximately 70 persons occupancy, is utilized for UPA monthly meetings and
other activities.  The plan is to build
the Urhobo Community or Cultural Center on the piece of land.

UPA witnessed growth in membership in the last few years; the
membership number presently stand 120. 
While the number is good, it is now extremely very tight and
uncomfortable to hold a full-blown meeting at Urhobo House with the large
number, especially during the summer period. 
The situation has called for an urgent need to develop the Urhobo Center
where members can be accommodated comfortably during meetings.

Apart from solving the UPA accommodation needs, the center
will also serve as coordinating center for UPA charity and the non-profit works
it renders to the community.