UPA-UPUA and UPU (Worldwide) Connection

Urhobo Progress Association (UPA), Houston is an association of Urhobo indigenes living in Houston and its environs.  The association was formed in 1983 by some members, mostly student then, who felt and saw the need to have a rally point for Urhobo.  Several efforts and meetings, then, led to the formation of UPA..  UPA has grown from 13 founding members in 1983 to over 120 members in 2018, a span of 35 years.

Urhobo Progress Union America (UPUA) (upuamerica.org) is the biggest umbrella body of Urhobo Associations or groups (Chapters) in America.  Founded in 2006, UPUA transformed and metamorphosed from previous  Urhobo groups in America; The Urhobo National Association (TUNA), Urhobo Progress Union North America (UPUNA) and Urhobo National Association of North America (UNANA).  Currently there are 18 chapters of UPUA, spread across the United State and one in Canada (UPU Canada).  UPA Houston is the largest chapter of UPUA with over 120 members.  UPUA is managed by a National Executive Committee led by the President and a Board of Trustee (BOT), comprising of all Chapter President and led by BOT of Trustee Chairperson.

Urhobo Progress Union (UPU or UPU Worldwide) is the parent body of UPA Houston and UPUA.  Located in Nigeria, the UPU Worldwide Secretariat is located at 10 Okere Road Warri, Delta State, however, UPU Worldwide multi-building structure called Urhobo Cultural Center (still under construction) is located in Uvwiamughe-Agbarho, Delta State, Nigeria.  According to the UPU constitution, UPU branches are:

(a)        Each clan of Urhobo Land.

(b)        Each state in the Federal Republic of Nigeria

(c)        Each country outside Nigeria.

UPUA is a branch and chapter of UPU Worldwide.

The current President-General of UPU Worldwide is Olorogun Moses Taiga.