(c) Chapters wishing to host the convention shall make their intentions known in writing to the Secretary no later than sixty (60) days before the convention at which the issue is to be determined.
(d) The Secretary shall disseminate the names of such Chapters to each Chapter not later than thirty (30) days before the convention at which the issue is to be determined.
(e) Each Chapter proposing to host the next convention shall be given the opportunity for a brief presentation before the entire membership following which a determination shall be made by a simple majority vote of equal number of members from each Chapter and one vote per General Member and Associate Member.
(f) It shall be the responsibility of the Association to fund the Annual Convention and to see to its overall success.
(g) The host Chapter shall appoint a Convention Committee no later than January 1st of the year of the convention.
(h) In planning the convention, the Convention Committee shall work with the Executive Committee which shall act under the direction of the President.
(i) The duty of the Convention Committee shall be to plan and execute the program of the Annual Convention which shall include implementing the logistics of the convention with regard to venue, hotel and other accommodation, transportation, and the overall program of activities.
The Business of the Annual Convention shall include:
(a) A joint meeting of the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee. The Chairperson of the Board of Trustees shall preside at this meeting. In the absence of its Chairperson, the Board of Trustees may designate one of its members to preside. The Secretary of the Association shall act as secretary at this meeting.
(b) A report on the State-of-the-Association by the President.
(c) A report by each Chapter President/Chairperson or his/her designee.
(d) The Financial Secretary shall present a financial report.
(e) A discussion of past, current and projected activities of the Association.
(f) A budget for the next fiscal year by the President.
(g) The election of the President in an election year.
(h) The swearing-in of the President-elect in an election year. If for whatever reason the President-elect cannot be sworn-in during the Annual Convention, the Board of Trustees shall