(i) the meeting adopts some means of verifying (e.g., through voice or image recognition, use of passwords or similar codes) the identity of all participants; (ii) each participant can communicate with all the others concurrently; and (iii) each participant can participate in all matters before the meeting, including the capacity to propose or object to a specific action proposed to be taken, and to vote at the meeting.
Rules of Order
Except as otherwise provided in this Constitution, all meetings of the Membership, Board of Trustees, Executive Committee, and all committees of the Association, shall be conducted in accordance with the rules contained in the latest revised edition of the Robert’s Rules of Order.
Written Protocols Under this Constitution
The Board of Trustees and Executive Committee may approve written protocols that are in furtherance of the provisions of this Constitution. Such written protocols must not be in conflict with any of the provisions of this Constitution and must be approved by a two-thirds (⅔) majority of the entire membership of the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee at a joint meeting.
Regular Membership Meetings
The entire membership of the Association shall meet at least once a year at the Annual Convention which shall be held during the U.S. Labor Day weekend.
Special or Emergency Membership Meetings
When necessary, special or emergency meetings of the entire membership may be called by the President and/or the Board of Trustees.
Quorum at Membership Meetings
A quorum at membership meetings shall comprise no less than twenty (20) General Members, and/or Associate Members from at least one-third (⅓) of the number of Chapters, in addition to the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees or his designee who must be a member of the Board of Trustees, in addition to the President, or the Vice President, and at least one other member of the Executive Committee. The President shall preside at all membership meetings. In the President’s absence, the Vice President shall preside.
Voting Procedure
Wherever a fraction is required to vote or pass a resolution under this Constitution, it shall be rounded to the nearest whole number.
Operational Meetings