The Director of Development shall:
(a) Research and plan methods for raising funds for the Association’s projects.
(b) Apply for grants from foundations, businesses and other organizations and individuals.
(c) Seek contributions in cash and in kind for the Association’s projects.
The Speaker (Ọtota) shall:
(a) Be the traditional spokesperson of the Association.
(b) Perform other duties as may be assigned by the President.
Handover of Office
(a) Before assuming office, each officer of the Association shall sign a notarized oath to the effect that he shall comply with the provisions of Article 7.12(b) below.
(b) No later than thirty (30) days of leaving office for whatever reason, each officer shall prepare a typed handover report which shall include at least a checklist relative to his office, and shall transfer all documents, correspondences, files, funds, and any other property of the Association in his possession to his successor, and if his successor has not assumed office, to the President or Secretary of the Association.


Meetings Using Technological Devices
Except where physical attendance is specifically required or implied under this Constitution, meetings may be conducted through available technology including audio and/or visual devices such as teleconferencing, videoconferencing, or other communications equipment. Participation at a meeting through a technological device shall constitute presence at such meeting, so long as: