faithfully execute his office and to the best of his ability preserve, protect and defend this Constitution.faithfully execute his office and to the best of his ability preserve, protect and defend this Constitution.
(k) For the purpose of determining the membership of a Chapter under Article 6.4(c) and (d) of this Constitution, the lower of the Chapter’s membership list in the previous three quarters shall be used.
(l) For the avoidance of doubt, only Chapters that were admitted into the Association by January 1st of the year in which the presidential election will take place shall be eligible to vote.
Appointment and Removal of other Members of the Executive Committee
(a) Within thirty (30) days of his election, the President shall nominate other officers and notify all members of the Board of Trustees in writing of his nominees provided that no more than two(2) members of the Executive Committee shall come from one Chapter.
(b) Any of the President’s nominations, removal or replacement of officers shall be voided by a written petition signed by at least one-half (½) of the entire members of the Board of Trustees within thirty (30) days of the nomination, removal or replacement.
(c) Within thirty (30) days of the nomination, a Chapter whose President is nominated to the Executive Committee may rescind such nomination by a petition signed by a simple majority of its membership as registered with the Association, upon which the nomination shall be voided.
(d) The Board of Trustees shall have thirty (30) days within which to consider any nomination after which the nominee shall be deemed to have been confirmed by the Board of Trustees if no objection is raised against the nominee.
(e) The Executive Committee thus constituted shall assume office effective January 1st of the following year.
(f) The term of office of an Executive Committee member shall normally be two (2) years provided the President shall reserve the power to replace any member of the Executive Committee at any time if in his opinion such an officer is not functioning effectively in his position. The President shall have advised such officer and the Board of Trustees in writing at least once prior to the officer’s replacement. Such replacement shall be subject to the provisions of Article 6.5(b) above.
Suspension, Discipline and Removal of the President
(a) Notwithstanding Article 6.4, the President may be suspended, disciplined or removed from office for reasons including, but not limited to, a felony conviction, incompetence, abuse of office, corruption, betrayal of the Association’s trust, prolonged illness, and continuous absence from North America exceeding one hundred and twenty (120) days, subject to the following conditions: