by the house to cover subsequent term(s); and (e) be a signatory to any and all account(s) of the Association.

Section 4. Assistant Secretary: The Assistant Secretary shall perform any and all duties of the Secretary in the absence of the Secretary, and/or any specific duties that may be delegated to him by the Secretary, the President, or the Association.

Section 5. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be the Chief Financial Officer of the Association and shall (a) deposit any and all moneys of the Association within three working days from the date of receipt of said moneys; (b) maintain record of any and all moneys received from the Financial Secretary and deposited into the Association’s depository; (c) advice the Association of its financial status whenever called upon to do so; (d) cooperate with any and all internal and/or external auditors of the Association in a timely manner; (e) be a signatory to any and all accounts of the Association.

Section 6. Financial Secretary: The Financial Secretary shall be the Chief Collector of the Association and shall (a) collect all monies due and/or owing to the Association from any and all persons, including members; (b) deliver all monies collected on behalf of the Association from any and all persons to the Treasurer not later than forty-eight (48) hours from the date of collection; (c) keep a simple but adequate record of any and all monies received and/or disbursed on behalf of the Association; (d) advice members of their respective financial obligations to the Association from time to time; (e) write any and all checks on the accounts of the Association, but shall not have the power to sign any of said checks written; and (f) fully cooperate with any and all internal and/or external auditors of the Association in a timely manner.

Section 7. Publicity/Secretary: The Publicity Secretary shall (a) be the Social Spokesperson of the Association; (b) be the Chairman of the Social Committee; (c) disseminate information to members and the general public and project the image of the Association through any medium of communication; (d) assign members before the close of each meeting to visit or call absent members and shall ensure that said assignments are carried out; (e) call each member every month to remind them of monthly meetings; and (f) be responsible for the planning and organization of any and all social activities of the Association, including, but not limited to, annual party, send-off party and visitations to members.

Section 8. Otota: The Otota, who shall be appointed by the President, shall be the traditional Chief Spokesperson of the Association and shall have a fair knowledge of Urhobo custom and practices.

Section 9. Internal Auditor: The Internal Auditor, who shall be elected during election year, shall be the chairman of the Audit Committee. The Internal Auditor’s duty and responsibility shall include quarterly audit of any and all financial activities and records of the Association and shall be directly responsible to the registered members of the Association.