(a) To preside over any and all regular, emergency, and executive committee meetings of the Association.

(b) To plan, coordinate and implement any and all activities of the Association in order to attain its objectives.

(c) To establish structures necessary for the maintenance of unity and love among all registered members.

(d) To submit to all registered members for approval the names of his/her respective committee members no later than 30 days, or the meeting following assumption of office, whichever first occurs.

(e) To submit to all members a plan of operation necessary for the accomplishment of the objectives of the Association no later than sixty'(§) days, or the meeting following assumption of office, whichever first occurs.

(f) To submit an annual report, including the Financial Secretary, Treasurer, Secretary, and other elected officers’ reports, to all registered members of the Association detailing all activities and accomplishments of his/her administration.

(g) To initiate and make a personal telephone call to, or visit, each member at least once every other month. .

(h) To be a signatory to any and all accounts of the Association.

(i) May delegate any of his/her duties from time to time.

(j) Shall publish an updated list of UPA Membership in March and November of each fiscal year. Definitions of membership shall be in accordance with Article III,

Section 2, (a), (b), and (c) of this constitution.

Section 2. Vice President: The Vice President shall perform any and all duties of the President in the absence of the President, or when delegated to do so.

Section 3. Secretary: The secretary shall be the Chief Correspondent of-” the Association and shall (a) keep record of any and all minutes of the meetings of the Association; (b) maintain a register of all registered members of the Association, including their names, addresses, and telephone numbers; (c) maintain a record of members’ attendance at any and all meetings of the Association; (d) create and/or maintain any other record necessary for the smooth operations of the Association, including records of the association’s perpetual and annual resolutions—-—perpetual resolutions being defined as permanent resolutions passed by the house and remains effective until revoked by the house while annual resolutions are interim resolutions passed by the house that becomes null and void at the end of the term in which it was passed, unless extended