Section 5. Admission: Admission to membership shall be according to the rules established by the Association and included in the Eligibility Rules.

Section 6. Termination: If any member shall fail to pay the required dues, assessments, or other obligation to the Association, the notification of delinquency and/or termination shall be given such member by the Financial Secretary.

Section 7. Removal from Membership:

(a) Any member may be censured, suspended, or expelled from membership for the violation of the Code of Ethics by the Association, provided that such member shall have been granted an opportunity for hearing before a committee selected for that purpose. The Association shall cause at least 30 days’ notice of hearing to be given in writing, delivered in person or by guaranteed mail, to the member against whom any charges may be levied. A majority vote of the registered members of the Association present at any regular meeting shall be necessary for the censure, suspension or termination of membership, except as elsewhere provided in this Constitution.

(b) A member shall be suspended or expelled from membership without a hearing upon receipt by the Association of proper notice that judgment of conviction has been imposed on the member for a felony. Any person against whom sanctions are imposed will be notified by guaranteed mail and may request a hearing before the Association or Executive Committee by appealing, in writing, within 60 days following the mailing of notification of sanctions.

(c) A member may not be suspended or expelled from membership for violations of traffic rules and regulations.

Section 8. Appeal: A member whose membership shall have been suspended or terminated in accordance with Sections 6 and 7 of this Article may appeal to the Executive Committee, the Association or the committee established for that purpose, for reinstatement. The Executive Committee, the Association, or said committee shall determine when reinstatement shall be granted, and, if granted, any conditions and/or assessments which

shall apply.

Section 9. Reinstatement: A member whose membership shall have lapsed because of the member’s conduct for non-payment of membership dues, assessments or obligation to the Association, or because of Section 6 of this Article, shall pay a minimum reinstatement fee of $50.00, and, the President shall have the option to increase, but not decrease, the reinstatement fee, when said increase is considered to be in the best interest of the Association.