Section 1. The name of this organization shall be URHOBO PROGRESSIVE ASSOCIATION, as incorporated in 1983 under the laws of the State of Texas.

Section 2. The (a) acronym for URHOBO PROGRESSIVE ASSOCIATION shall be UPA,” and (b) motto of URHOBO PROGRESSIVE ASSOCIATION shall be “Culture, Unity and Progress – CUP.”

Section 3. The “Association,” or “UPA” as used within the “Constitution” shall mean URHOBO PROGRESSIVE ASSOCIATION.

Section 4. The location of the principal office of the Association is Houston, Harris County, Texas. The principal office may be changed from time to time by action of a two third (2/3) vote of registered members of the Association.



Section l. The Association is an “Ethnic Organization.” Its primary objectives are:

(a) to preserve and promote the dignity and uniqueness of The URHOBO nation, culture and language, and, the family being the nucleus and most important unit of cultural transmission and retention, the Association shall support strong family ties.

(b) to establish structures conducive to the growth and continuity of URHOBO traditions.

(c) to establish structures necessary for the mutual cooperation, trust and love of its members.


Section 2. The secondary objectives of the Association are:

(a) to support and promote traditional and formal education of all Urhobos through active participation, where possible. . I.‘

(b) to engage in any and all economic activities necessary for the financial freedom of its members in particular, and all Urhobos in general, from time to time. ii

(c) to support, promote, and/or participate in any and all political activities necessary for the economic/political benefits and/or survival of the Urhobo Nation.