Whereas, these sections of the Constitution of Urhobo Progressive Association, having been reviewed by the general membership and adopted on October 3, 1999 and integrated into the body of this constitution; and whereas these sections,

collectively referred to as Amendment 1, became effective on said date; And whereas, by House Resolution, Article VII, Section 1 amending election and assumption of office is held without prejudice to the 1999/2000 Executive Council and Committees, their terms are extended from July 31, 1999 to December 31, 2000, and shall be completed by a supplemental budget or plan of operation.

ARTICLE IV: Section 5. General; Modifies in fiscal year.

ARTICLE V: Section 1, President:(d) – (e); Duties modified – date to submit committee membership and plan of operation; (j) Publication of membership list added 

ARTICLE V: Section 2, Secretary; Adds Perpetual/Annual Resolutions record-keeping.

ARTICLE V: Section 9, Internal Auditor; Adds quarterly audits and reports

ARTICLE VI: Section 2, Tenure of Office; Modifies term of office from one year to two years.

ARTICLE VII: Section 1, Election: Adds/modifies date to the first Sunday of October of each even year and assumption of office _on the first day of January following year of q election.

ARTICLE VII: Section 2, Appointments; Modifies when President shall submit P proposed names of committee members for approval.

ARTICLE VIII: Section 2, Annual General Meeting; Modifies date to each January

Section 4, Time of Meetings; Modifies meeting time to 4:30 o’clock p.m. to about 8:00 o’clock p.m.

ARTICLE X: Section 5, Deaths; Modifies the Association’s responsibility.