Section 1. The President and all elected officers of the Association shall take the following oath of office on the first Sunday of January in the year following an election, to be administered by the Chairperson of the Electoral Committee:

We, as elected officers this term, jointly and severally, in our presence, and in the presence of each and every member, do pledge to work cooperatively with each other, and, with any and all members of the Association, for the accomplishment of the objectives of the Association;

to support and forever defend the Constitution of URHOBO PROGRESSIVE ASSOCIATION, the rights of the Association and of its members, and the rights of the Urhobo Nation.”



Section 1: The Association shall use its funds only to accomplish the objectives and purposes specified in this Constitution. No part of said funds shall inure, or be distributed to the members of the Association. On dissolution of the Association, any funds remaining shall be distributed, as directed by the Executive Committee, to one or more regularly organized and qualified ethnic, civic, educational, scientific or philanthropic organizations in any city, state or country which have similar purpose as the Association.