Section 7. Members’ Conduct at Meetings: No member shall:

(a) speak publicly at meetings unless recognized by the President or the officer presiding, _

(b) speak more than twice on an issue at meetings, and

(c) use abusive or profane words at meetings of the Association.



Section l. The following shall be the standing and temporary committees of the Association:

(a) Executive Committee: The Executive Committee shall comprise of all elected officers of the Association. Its duty and responsibility shall be the overall management of the Association in the achievement of its objectives.

(b) Social Committee: The Social Committee shall be responsible for any and all social

activities of the Association, including, but not limited, to organization of any and all

parties, assignment of individual members for visitation(s) of regular, absent and future members, and visitors.

(c) Electoral Committee: The Electoral Committee, which shall be established no later than 90 days prior to elections, shall be responsible for the conduct of any and all elections of the Association and shall follow the election and appointments rules of this Constitution.

(d) Ethics Committee: The Ethics Committee shall monitor compliance of members with the Code of Ethics, investigate non-compliance and complaints of members and communicate its findings, including recommendations, to the Executive Committee, and shall simultaneously handle any and all crisis concerning members.

(e) Economic/Investment Committee:- The Economic/Investment Committee shall support and/or engage in any and all economic activities necessary for the survival and economic freedom of the Association and its members, and are authorized to maintain separate accounts and have its own signatory to said accounts, for any and all of these activities, if desired.

(f) Political Committee: The Political Committee shall support and/or engage in any and all political activities for and on behalf of the Association to ensure the continued political survival of the Association, its members, and The Urhobo Nation.

(g) Audit Committee: The Audit Committee shall monitor compliance of officers with the rules and regulations applicable to the finances of the Association, shall advise the Executive Committee and/or officers of any exceptions, and shall communicate its findings and/or recommendations to the members of the Association during any meeting.