UPA Houston as a group is involved in lots of activities (events, programs and projects) all year round.  With every new regime, activities are  reviewed depending on the plans and goals of the regime

1.    Provision of UPA Membership Directory for 2019/2020

2.  UPUA Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

3.  UPUA Convention in St Paul, Minnesota

4.  Development of Urhobo Center

5.  Monthly Donation at Meetings

6.  Texas Lotto/Mega Lotto Programs

7.  Urhobo Language Programs

8.  Young Adult Programs

9.    Youth Programs

10.  Children Programs

11.  Picnic at the Park

12. A Day at the Beach

13. Seminars at Meetings

14. Thanksgiving Celebration

15.  Annual Party

17. Community Outreach Programs

18.  Review of UPA Constitution