The motto of the association is “Culture, Unity and Progress” (CUP) which translates to “Ekuremu, Okugbe ve Obaro”


Mission Statement

A commitment to uphold the Urhobo cultural values abroad and work together as a team to promote love, unity and progress among the Urhobos in the Houston environ and elsewhere.


About UPA Houston

Urhobo Progressive Association was incorporated in 1983, as a 501 (c) for non-profit organization registered under the laws of the State of Texas.  The association is an ethnic Nigerian group based in Houston, Texas. In the Nigeria, the Urhobos are found in the southwestern and southeastern part of Delta State.

UPA Houston was founded in 1982 by group of Urhobos who lived around the Houston areas, many of them were students, who had travelled to the United State for further studies.  Using ethnicity and to some extent the Urhobo Language as rallying tool, the group quickly and easily found and gathered themselves and no sooner Urhobo Progressive Association was formed.  Today, through the hard work and dedication of the members, the association has grown into a full-fledge, well-organized and recognized among the other Nigeria ethnic group in Houston and in the United States.  The association is member of Urhobo Progress Union of America (UPUA), the parent body of Urhobos in America as well as the Urhobos-worldwide union-Urhobo Progress Union (UPU).

With a steady growth since inception, the association has experienced tremendous growth from about 17 when it was founded to over 100 strong-members today and has transited from one regime to another through peaceful democratic process,
Along with the adults membership comes the vibrant youth and young adult groups.  These bubbling groups are learning the ropes fast and are poised to become experienced adult group who can successfully and smoothly run the affairs of the association.

UPA Houston members are US lawful abiding citizens contributing their quota to the economy through their various professions and to non-profit and local volunteering efforts in the United States.  The membership transcends all professions including Doctor, Pharmacist Scientists, Lawyers, Teachers, Nurses, Businessmen, etc.  Through individual and team-work efforts, the association is involved in the various efforts to provide support and relief for natural disaster areas and also support developmental projects that help to improve the living standard of the Urhobonation in Nigeria.

The association functions by holding monthly meeting on every first Sunday of the month except in February and sometimes in September, when the meetings are held on the Second Sunday.  The association also functions through participation in the many formal and informal events and projects of the association.  These events which are to a large extent family based, creates atmosphere that foster love, unity, well-being amongst association members and family and the togetherness in brings among the association families is something to cherish.

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