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Culture, Unity, and Progress



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UPA houston

About us

Urhobo Progressive Association was incorporated in 1983, as a 501 (c) for non-profit organization registered under the laws of the State of Texas.  The association is an ethnic Nigerian group based in Houston, Texas. In the Nigeria, the Urhobos are found in the southwestern and southeastern part of Delta State.

UPA Houston was founded in 1982 by group of Urhobos who lived around the Houston areas, many of them were students, who had travelled to the United State for further studies.  Using ethnicity and to some extent the Urhobo Language as rallying tool, the group quickly and easily found and gathered themselves and no sooner Urhobo Progressive Association was formed.


Our History & Culture


Urhobo Progressive Association (UPA) Houston was founded in 1982, by a group of Urhobos (mostly students) living in the Houston, who had migrated from Nigeria to United States in the early 70’s and 80’s, to further their education.


Urhobo Kokore Ọgbare
Urhobo eh, Orere r’ ivie sa a a
Urhobo Kokore Ọgbare
Urhobo eh, Orere r’ ivie sa a a
Obo r’ Urhobo je vwe na
Asọfa je vwe ọtiọ ye eh…

Activities & Events

UPA Houston as a group is involved in a lot of activities all year round. With every new regime, the activities & events are reviewed. Together, we celebrate our rich cultural heritage and collectively work towards a brighter future for all.

president’s welcome address

welcome to upa

UPA Houston is home to Urhobo indigenes living in Houston and its’ environs.

Founded in 1982 and now with over hundred members, you bet, something nice and interesting is happening here!  If you are an Urhobo in the Houston are and have not heard or found us, ask and check around, hurry and find us.!  As a community organization, our reach is wide.  One of our goals is to reach out neighboring organizations and together we, we can impact our local community.

To our esteem members, I say thank you for all the good work and fellowship!  Let us join hands together as before, to build a better and bigger UPA.  Our Motto-Culture, Unity and Progress is good building block for us to grow in peace and strength.

Let’s do it!

Eric Erigha
President, UPA